This is where that Severus Snape had two daughters that are identical twins and he couldn't tell them apart. When Nina Snape died after her two twin daughters were born, Severus kept his twin daughters secret until it was too late. Even the Dark Lord knew
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 School Rules

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School Rules Empty
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School Rules

Below you will find the school rules that in place here at Hogwarts. Breaking any of these can result in detentions, lose of house points, and/or lost of life or limb. Please read them over carefully.
• First-year students are not allowed to have broomsticks
• Students are allowed to have an owl, a cat, or a toad, but this rule doesn't seem to be strictly enforced - Percy and Ron Weasley had Scabbers, a rat, and Lee Jordan had a giant tarantula
• Students cannot enter the Forbidden Forest, except for detentions or the occasional Care of Magical Creatures lesson
• Students cannot use magic in the corridors between classes
• Fighting is against school rules
• Students were to remain in their common rooms and dormitories at night
• Students are not to use magic over the school holidays
• Students are to take the train to Hogwarts - not a flying car
• Don't dirty the castle.
• Students need a slip signed by teacher to take out books of the Restricted Section in the library.
• Students should not steal potion ingredients from potion professors’ offices - nor should they make dangerous potions, such as Polyjuice Potion.
• First and second-year students cannot visit Hogsmeade; third-year and older students need a signed permission slip to visit the village
• Students should not speak up unless called upon
• Students must be 17 years old and have a license to Apparate
• The Caretaker has a list of objects forbidden in the castle; it can be viewed in their office if anybody would like to check it
• Never attack an opponent when his or her back is turned, its just rude.
• Never use the Unforgivable Curses on a Muggle, witch, or wizard
• Love potions are against Hogwarts school rules
• Boys are not allowed in girls' dormitories; according to Hogwarts, A History, the founders believed that girls are more trustworthy than boys
• Only fifth-year and older students are allowed to be out in the corridors until nine o'clock
• Do not eat food in the library - especially chocolate Easter eggs
• The Wizarding Examinations Authority sets rules for the OWLs and NEWTs, and all aids to magical cheating are forbidden
• Don't wear Muggle clothing in Hogwarts, weekends are okay.
• All Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes joke items are banned
• Do not be out of bed after hours
• Always be respectful to your teachers
• The potion Felix Felicis is a banned substance in sporting events, examinations, and elections
• Thieving is not tolerating at Hogwarts
• No Dark Magic objects are allowed into Hogwarts
- No Powerplay
- Play your own character(s)
- Role play only four characters
- Cannons are allowed
- Have fun
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School Rules
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