This is where that Severus Snape had two daughters that are identical twins and he couldn't tell them apart. When Nina Snape died after her two twin daughters were born, Severus kept his twin daughters secret until it was too late. Even the Dark Lord knew
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 Cayce Snape

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Cayce Snape Mila-Kunis-Profile

Name: Lauren Cayce Mae Lupin Snape
Age: 15 (as of OOTP)
Eyes: Green
Orientation: Straight, but has bicurious tendencies
Personality: She's very cocky and has a very smat-aleck attitude. Especialy towards teachers. She does not follow the dress code of Hogwarts and she's very easily irritated. Her circle of friends includes Daphne Greengrass, Blaise Zabini, and Draco Malfoy, but also includes her siblings, and their friends. Her sworn enemies are Lavendar Brown, the annoying gryffindor girls; Pansy Parkinson, draco's stalker as she references her; and Cormac McLaggen, yet another Gryffindor who gets on her nerves.
Family: Snape's and Lupin's
House: Slytherin
Year: (in whatever year harry is in) 5th as of OOTP
Wand Wood: Purple Heart
Wand Core: Basilisk Fang
History:well after lily got with james, snape tried to convince himself that he was not in love with her, so he made up for it by attempting to fill the void as any teenage boy would. which led to the conception of Kyleyr, who is 3 years older than harry potter. to please his motehr he moved in with kyleyr's mother and tried to be a good father, though he never told anyone. and he did not love veronica. in fact he cheated a good bit, and ended up with Rayna, then cayce (two weeks apart, by different mothers). he didn't know about rayna for a while, but cayce he knew about since her motehr was remus lupin's half sister, and lupin would not let him get away with just leaving her. though lupin was too embarrassed to tell anybody. snape stayed with veronica, and conceived another son, Kaden, who was 10 months younger than cayce and rayna. but he soon left veronica, determined to have the life he knew he deserved. he began to hunt after lily again, and began to hate working for teh dark lord. the rest is the same as JK wrote, except that after lily's death he met a woman who reminded him A LOT of her. and was almost in love with, conceiving another love child, a son named Cryztion. But being the man he was, he was not able to be the father that he should have been. leaving kyleyr and kaden to be raised by their aunt. cayce by her uncle. rayna by her mother. and cryztion by his grandmother.

Cayce is probably the one who rebelled the most against society. She's got dark hair, and green eyes. She's practically royalty in her house, meaning most of the girls despise her and most of the boys want to date her. though she's got her eyes on probably the only pureblood family her father does not approve of...
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Your character has been accepted.
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Cayce Snape
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