This is where that Severus Snape had two daughters that are identical twins and he couldn't tell them apart. When Nina Snape died after her two twin daughters were born, Severus kept his twin daughters secret until it was too late. Even the Dark Lord knew
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 Exotic Plant Greenhouses

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Kaitlyn Snape

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PostSubject: Exotic Plant Greenhouses   Mon Dec 26, 2011 5:01 pm

Set farther from the castle than the Basic Greenhouses, one can find the Exotic Plant Greenhouses.
These greenhouses contain foriegn and uncommon plants from across the wizarding world.

Caution is encouraged in these greenhouses.
Many of the plants are benign, but others can be quite dangerous.
Gloves and heavy robes are recommended, and can be found hanging on racks by the door.
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Exotic Plant Greenhouses
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